Monday, January 12, 2009

NFL Playoff Thoughts

The great thing about the NFL is that it's unpredictable. Every team is working with the same salary restrictions, which levels the playing field. Winning is based on not who can spend the most money. It's about the draft, management, leadership, playing as a team...everything you learn in little league. That's why the NFL has replaced the MLB as the National Pastime.

The past week we saw the Cardinals, Eagles, Ravens and Steelers advance. The Steelers were the only team that had the first week of the playoffs off, that advanced. The Panthers, Giants and Titans all played at home and had two weeks to prepare...yet still lost.

I'm convinced that it's better to play the Wildcard Weekend. The past few years have proven this over and over again. The last 3 Super Bowl winners played the first weekend of the playoffs and unless the Steelers win it this, year it will happen again.

My prediction: I don't see the Cardinals moving on next week. They squeked by the Falcons who pretty much outplayed them as they couldn't muster a long drive together other then one in the 4th quarter. Then, they breezed this past week with the help of 5 ints from Jake Delhomme.

The Steelers looked very tough. But so have the Ravens. I see the Steelers winning next week as these two teams are very similiar except the Ravens have a rookie QB and will be playing away.

As stated, the Eagles will breeze by the Cardinals and make for an Eagles-Steelers, all Pennslyvania Super Bowl! Not ready to predict the winner there.


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How bout them Eagles?

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