Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mike Hampton Is A Wimp

There, I said it. For 3 years now baseball talk shows have been giving Hampton the benefit of the doubt. They say he's just run into some bad luck. No, he's a wuss.

This week, Hampton was pitching in his 6th and final rehab start before he would make his return to the Atlanta Braves. Hampton hasn't pitched in the majors since 2005. Oh, by the way, the Braves have been dishing out $15 million per year since then for this slacker.

His latest injury was a groin pull. Before that, a torn pectoral muscle. Are you serious Mike? Take notes from your teammate John Smoltz who was pitching for the last year in pain knowing he would need surgery. Smoltz did the same thing in 2004, pitching knowing he's need elbow surgery after the season was over. He pitched through it. What a concept. He earned his wages.

Pitch through the pain Mike. You know what the problem really is? Steriods. Mike was on the juice back in his 20 win season days. Quicker recovery time, right Mike?

A few weeks ago I played in a flag football game and pull my groin and hammy a few plays in. Did I call it quits? NO. I played through and even drove our team down the field for a TD late in the game. Why? Because I love to compete. I love the I play through pain. My love for the game is greater than both the physical pain and disappointment if I didn't get to play. You pay me $15 million and I'll play every position with all my limbs torn off.

Mike, do the right thing. Give the Braves their money back and retire so we can stop giving a crap if you ever decide to pitch. And while your at it, stop by Baseball Express and pick up some women's softball gear.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Worst Quarterback Performance of All-Time

To become labeled as the worst NFL quarterback as few things need to happen. First, you have to play. You can’t suck if you don’t play. Second, your good enough to be the starter on a team full of total loser backup QBs. These backups are so bad that the head coach will not replace you with them, despite the fact your having the worse QB year ever. WOW! Lastly, your offense sucks too. No matter how bad a QB is, many times it is a team effort. Offensive coordinator that can’t call the right plays. Offensive lineman that can’t block and force the QB to rush EVERY throw. Receivers that can’t catch and don’t know their routes.

So, who is our winner? Well, Chase Stuart wrote an in-depth post on this subject recently so we’ll refer to him. I’ll also stick to a recent performance since the top 2 guys are from the 40s and no one will know who they are.

The award goes to Jake Plummer 1999 season with the Arizona Cardinals. Here is the stat line:

Cmp: 201
Att: 381
Cmp%: 52.8
Yds: 2111
Int: 24
TD: 9
QB Rating: 50.8

Not that you'd want to at this point, but to honor Jake, pick up an Arizona Cardinals helmet.